AC Research, Inc. / Junior Electrical Engineer Position Posting

Jersey City, NJ

What we do
AC Research, Inc is a research firm currently engaged in cutting edge RF communications for private clients.

What we’re looking for
We need a creative, diligent and fast-thinking Junior Electrical Engineer with a broad technical background and a specific focus in RF applications. In other words, preferably one that gets excited about antennas, amateur radio and Pick and Place machines.

Position Summary
The ideal candidate will be a self-tasking individual responsible for board troubleshooting and minor design changes for circuits supporting microwave radio systems. The candidate must be detail oriented with proven experience working with a team and effectively communicating with suppliers, clients and internal and external colleagues.

Required skills

  • 2 years experience in an engineering environment (Hackerspace experience included!)
  • Surface mount soldering and rework experience
  • Experience using Altium or KiCAD design software
  • Basic familiarity with common RF elements such as amplifiers, filters, couplers, oscillators, ADC/DAC
  • Thorough in approach to testing and documentation

Desired skills

  • 2-5 years of progressively higher experience in prototyping circuit boards for RF applications
  • BS in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • “Extra” class HAM radio license (or ability to pass the test if asked)
  • Familiarity using spectrum analyzer, frequency counter, signal generator

Core Responsibility: Building and performing QA work on prototype boards and assisting with production and implementation of finalized hardware.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Reading and drafting electrical schematics and performing pre-production testing in Altium and KiCAD design software
  • Identify and procure necessary components, prototype circuit boards and assemble necessary components.
  • Lab testing and QA work for assembled PCBs in simulated field conditions
  • Documenting findings of QA work and working with engineers to formulate solutions
  • Continually document progress and draft periodic progress reports
  • Other RF lab duties as assigned to facilitate design and production work.
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

To apply, send your resume in .rtf format and a 500 word or less in-line cover letter (not an attachment) to with the subject line Junior Electrical Engineer.